Yamaha Lagenda 110Z 2005 3rd Model Brochure

January 6th, 2011 1:35 pm by

2005 Yamaha Lagenda 110Z

The third model of the Yamaha Lagenda series get a styling update which is very noticeable with the new design of the headlamp. It is has been further separated and some people (including me) thinks that this headlamp looks like an owl’s eyes. Angry and yet stylish.

There are four colours available at this time that is green, black, blue and red. The one in red is the most beautiful of them all.

At this period of time, Lagenda has become more popular than ever and can be fight against Honda EX5 and Wave in a very competitive battle. Still, it is made popular by the Malaysian Cub Prix bikes by Motul YYPang with wins many race in the series.

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