Yamaha Lagenda 115Z / ZR Super Racing CDI by LHK, Thailand

October 18th, 2010 2:17 pm by

Yamaha Lagenda 115Z / ZR Racing CDI by LHK

LHK is one of the company that has prepared parts to be used by Yamaha Lagenda 115Z/ZR. I think there will many more parts available for this bike like big bore engine cylinder block, big valve head, racing cam and many more parts. It is great that Yamaha launched this bike in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, since all these country are the best manufacturer of aftermarket parts for underbone motorcycle. Malaysia have the Racing Boy, Indonesia have CMS (Championship MotorSport) and Thailand have LHK.

I’m looking forward to have my Lagenda 115ZR to be modded. I also have seen smoked headlight and smoked tail light at Storm Bikers in Shah Alam. Looks cool.

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Price is at RM380

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9 Responses to “Yamaha Lagenda 115Z / ZR Super Racing CDI by LHK, Thailand”

  1. gamma says:

    aku da pakai cdi ni..3 bulan je pstu rosak,buang duit je bli..mase pakai tu xde test speed pon bwak bese2 je…rugi2

  2. banzai cheras says:

    maaf nak celah cdi 115z sebenarnye tak perlu tukar tapi biarkan yg asal lau nak racing part dalam seperti cam racing n block kena tkar sebab 115 z punya kecik…kena tahu lagi cdi hanyalah tuk pick up tapi bukan tuk top speed geng semua…salesman semua kata tuk racing tapi sebenarnye hanya pick up saje n meeka juga tahu semua tu..maklumlah mau bisness maaa…..

  3. Ray says:

    carburetor uma racing size berapa yg boleh pakai untuk lagenda 115z?

  4. Ciko says:

    boleh saya tau harga CDI racing 115 z ? bagaimana nak beli CDI 115z? adakah tukar CDI racing 115z sahaja motor boleh laju sikit tanpa ubah suai part lain?

  5. amir punk says:

    boleh tolong sy bt senarai harga barang untuk kasi power sikit 115z x? mcm blok racing,carburator,cdi racing, nob1 Triovale exhaust pipe… boleh tolong tunjuk ajar r sikit kat sy yg baru nk belajar..

  6. mirul says:

    berapa harga dia? nak tanya pendapat…saya pun pakai 115 jugak..saya nak lajukan sikit..malu laa kena cucuk ngn ex5 je..haha..elok saya tukar CDI atau blok atau lain untuk tambah kan kelajuan..??

    • eddy says:

      byk boleh buat:
      1. use larger carb. eg 26mm UMA Racing
      2. use NOB1 Triovale exhaust pipe
      3. port and polish the head for better air fuel flow
      4. skim the head to get better compression
      5. change the sprocket ratio to 15-33T 415 for top speed
      6. use larger block if available
      7. then, change the CDI.

      8. if possible, buy a new bike. eg; RX-Z. can get 170km/h in standard condition.

      hope that helps

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