BRT Tune-Up Racing CDI Dual Band Unit for Yamaha LC 135

November 18th, 2008 10:08 pm by
BRT Tune-Up Racing CDI Dual Band Unit for Yamaha LC 135

Bintang Racing Team Tune-Up Racing CDI Unit

This CDI unit is a dual band version where you can have to setting, whether to have normal or tuned-up riding style.

The price is at RM480

Version of BRT Racing CDI Unit

There are three version of BRT CDI unit that is Standard Tune-Up(ST), Tune-Up Racing(TU) and Racing Kompetisi(RK). The most CDI unit used by most Yamaha LC135 is the TU version. This because it has the fan control, thus can give better cooling to the engine. RK is not recommended even though it has advantage of 16-programmable point of TDC because this one is used mainly only for real purpose racing in track. And you should also know that this CDI unit cost more than RM600.

The fan control connector is on the right side of the green wire.

If you want to know what is CDI, read my previous post here. Remember, CDI unit is the last thing you need to do after you have modified your bike namely the carburetor, block, piston etc.

This item are available for sale here:

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  1. victor.sandanaraj says:

    Hi….i’ve just bought a BRT cdi unit and mine is with 2 dials, 1 is in ° and the other is in X1000. At present it is at 31° and 16. Is this the ideal setting for top speed and long distance?

  2. Mohd Arif Bin Che Harun says:

    Can i know how much it cost for this thing?

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