Yamaha Motor Price List in Malaysia

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Model Code Basic Price (RM) D/P (RM)
FZ150i (E) 7798.00 3906.30
Lagenda (K,D) 110Z(K) 4516.60 2149.48
Lagenda (E,D)
Lagenda ZR
135LC (E) 135LC 5786.80 2860.10
135LC (C) 135LC ES 6089.60 2968.15
Y125Z (K) Y125Z 6292.26 3255.26
Y125ZR (S) Y125ZR 6617.76 3387.76
RXZ (K) RXZ 6954.10 3646.65
Ego (E,S) Ego-115 4518.60 2151.85
Ego S (E,S) Ego-155 4578.00 2213.00
Nouvo S (E,S) Nouvo S 5198.40 2443.90
Nouvo LC 135 Nouvo LC 6028.40 2643.90


K=Kick starter, E=Electric starter, D=Front Disc Brake, S=Sport Rim, C=Clutch

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The price is for estimation only. Price is OTR.

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UPDATE: September 2009 Yamaha Malaysia Price List

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5 Responses to “Yamaha Motor Price List in Malaysia”

  1. zailee says:

    aku ada LC yg xde cluc tu..125 lg laju dr LC tp LC ni bagus utk endurance sbb ada tangki..aku srop 3 kali je masa jln dr kelantan sampai kl

  2. Ismail says:

    updated price tu latest ke? bleh ke letak tarikh time update… anyway… mmg itu ke harga LC135ES sebetulnya??? Knp p tanya kedai mahal byk… anyway… thanks very much for that info…

  3. eddy says:

    Based on my experience, I think 135LC is a much better bike.

  4. an-cay™ says:

    lc ke 125z lbih baek?

  5. azfar says:


    I would like to know how much is the latest price for 125 ZR.

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